[Ingezonden mededeling] SUSE® has expanded the reach of the OpenStack Foundation’s Certified OpenStack Administrator certification by increasing the number of platforms on which candidates can take the COA exam. Beginning at SUSECON the week of Nov. 7 in Washington, D.C., OpenStack professionals will be able to take the COA on a SUSE platform. This allows those who have taken SUSE’s OpenStack administration training to take the COA exam on the same platform they used to learn about OpenStack. The additional exam choice will increase interest and expand the number of COA professionals in the marketplace.

In addition, SUSE will now grant the SUSE Certified Administrator in OpenStack Cloud certification to anyone who passes the COA exam on the SUSE platform. So a candidate can pass one exam and receive both certifications. The COA exam, along with four other certification exams from SUSE, will be included with a full pass to SUSECON.

“Many professionals have learned OpenStack, but not all using the same distribution,” said Rich Wiltbank, senior director of training and certification at SUSE. “While distributions are very similar, there are enough differences between them that trainees are less interested in taking the exam if it’s not on the platform they learned on. The addition of SUSE as an exam option will grow the ranks of Certified OpenStack Administrators and increase the expertise of enterprise cloud users around the world.”

The COA exam on SUSE will be unchanged from the current format, including the same objectives and scenarios. The OpenStack Foundation will retain complete control of the COA program and exam.

Heidi Skupien Bretz, director of business development and alliances at the OpenStack Foundation, said, “The OpenStack community is dedicated to making the COA a vendor-neutral, industry-standard certification. By investing the resources necessary to offer the test on their platform, SUSE is giving OpenStack professionals the ability to select training and certification exams for the environment they’ll run in production. SUSE has added choice to the market and is helping expand the number of OpenStack professionals with access to certification.”

A beta version of the COA exam on SUSE will be available at SUSECON in Washington, D.C., Nov. 7-11. The exam on SUSE will be generally available in early 2017. For more information about SUSE’s OpenStack and other certification programs, visit training.suse.com/certification.