Despite Python 2 nearing end-of-life on January 1, 2020, 10% of Python developers were still using it in 2019, according to JetBrains’ 2019 Python developer survey.  

Jenna Sargent

The share of developers still using Python 2 has been decreasing year-over-year. JetBrains’ 2017 survey found that 25% were using Python 2 and their 2018 found that 16% were still using it. While this report contains data from 2019 and Python 2 reached end of life in 2020, an ActiveState survey from earlier this year revealed that 50% of companies didn’t have a plan in place for Python 2’s end of life.

The most common use for Python 2 was web development, while the most common use for Python 3 is data analysis. “Although Data analysis is more popular among Python developers, it is interesting to see that its share among those who use Python 2 is lower than web development’s share. This is probably because data analysis in Python has grown more popular in recent years, while web development is a more mature field and some web developers have lots of legacy code to maintain,” JetBrains wrote in the report.

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