Agile and DevOps have many differences, yet they both seek to address complexity, improve quality, and innovate around software design.

Taz Brown

The topic of DevOps vs. Agile is almost like debating iPhone vs. Android—everyone has an opinion, and emotions can become heated, especially if people disagree.

After writing DevOps v. Agile: What’s the difference? and reading the comments on the article, I wanted to add some more thoughts—including how some of my thinking has changed on the topic.

My perspective comes from where I am now but also where I have been. I used to be a systems administrator and infrastructure engineer, and now I am a senior scrum master with a major utility company in Missouri. (I actually was a scrum master before I was an admin or engineer, but I digress.)

My team consists of six frontend software engineers and IT programmer analysts, a business analyst, two product owners, and me. Recently, we learned that management wants our team to become a DevSecOps team, so our core scrum team is working with a DevSecOps team that is helping us make the transition. No one is naive to the fact that this will not be easy, but the DevSecOps team’s experience gives us confidence that we can succeed.

Our team’s manager recently hired a senior software engineer who will drive the DevSecOps goal. As a scrum master, I will continue to focus on continuous improvement. The team is fairly young, so they don’t have expansive work experience, but they are smart and driven, and there is much room for greatness. In addition, our entire organization is going through an Agile transformation, so most people are new to all things Agile, including the Agile Manifesto and the Five Scrum Values.


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